Handicraft & design

Stockholm Kol is a small business making handmade art and design.

Founded by Lucas Kristoffersson, bachelor in Slöjd, Handicraft and Design from Linköping University in 2020. His background is in graphic design, illustration and media communication.

Art is for the soul to take in

My aim is to make beautiful things from a sustainable perspective. Wether it’s for a home, office, venue or the public – both mind and heart is the reason and fuel behind what I make.
Stool no.004 – special order for Wilhelm Jansson 2019

The Stool

The design of the Stool has it’s roots in typography and how 60’s Danish furniture design meets industrial design.

Blacksmith &
Lathe work

The legs are hand forged from mild steel & the seat is turned from walnut wood.

The design is available through special order and comes in different sizes & combinations.

EXAMINATION 2020 – Linköping University – Sloyd, handicraft & design

The bachelor degree exam art piece Tysta Tankar, installed in the campus park at Linköping University. Read more about the art piece, the education and my classmates here.

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